Saturday, June 2, 2012

Linky Party! goes my first time joining a Linky Party!  I'm joining in on Kelley from The Idea Factory.

Here's the resources and things I couldn't live without:

Stanley 087472 Staple Remover, with magnet, Black
Handy dandy flat staple remover!


Gotta have a deck of cards.  On the first day of school each kid writes their name on the top (flip it over and do it again).  I use these all year to call on kids for answers, forming groups and assigning partners.  Thank you Rick Morris!!

    I use Velcro to attach student responders to desks. 

So many peeps are celebrating the start of summer.  Me....I have two more weeks!  Not to worry.  I'm ready to dive in and make it a memorable end to a great year.  We're doin' dinosaurs this week and I'm way excited!  I haven't done any dino stuff for a long while but was ready to do something different:-)  Of course all my dino stuff was outta date so I haaaaad to buy Babbling Abby's fabulous dinosaur unit!  I have tons of laminating to cut out!