Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So the little cutie next to Clifford is a "hugbug"!  These are little die cuts I had in a drawer.  I thought it would be great fun for the kiddos to hunt for them when they came in on Valentine's Day morning.  Boy was it a hit!  They were running around looking for the bugs and didn't make the connection to the Charlotte Diamond song for a few minutes.  If you don't know the song, it's called "The Hugbug".  You never know where he's hiding!  When I told the kids to write their name on one hugbug they couldn't believe they were so lucky that they got to keep one!  So cute and so easy. 
Now that I look at this picture, I'm wondering what "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" book is doing in the basket of sealife books. 

President's Day Art Project

Abe and George (we are on a first name basis) are so cute! This is a directed draw with black crayon and watercolors.  Kids have to mix a little bit of yellow and orange in the paint lid to get skin color.  We will be writing about Abe and George using my expository writing activity available in my Tpt store.  Check it out!   1st - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You can never have too much Dr. Seuss!!

My first Dr. Seuss unit was all about The Cat in the Hat.  I just added another Dr. Seuss unit to my TpT store.  This one is more inclusive of all the Dr. Seuss characters!  There's so many to love!  Check out the new mini unit that includes both language arts and math activities!  1st - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I just added a great expository writing center activity for President's Day!  Stop by my TpT store and check it out.  Enjoy!           1st - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Gotta love the Cat in the Hat!  I just uploaded a collection of Cat in the Hat activities to my TpT store.  Click on the button to visit my store!  1st - TeachersPayTeachers.com