Thursday, May 31, 2012


From Blood to Books!What a fun surprise!  Thanks so much to Jess at "From Blood to Books" for the "One Lovely Blog Award".  I love her blog name!  She's switching from the healthcare profession to being a teacher!  What a journey!  Make sure you check out her blog. 

Here's the newest blogs I think are Lovely...check them out!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Reading and Rhyming with Colors and Critters

I am craaaazy about these color puppets and so are my firsties!  Not kidding...each day they come in asking what puppet they will do.  Each puppet has a poem to learn!  Great practice for reading and rhyming!  I use them at the beginning of the year in first but they would be awesome for the end of year kinders.  Each puppet is on a brightly colored straw to make it easy to handle (you can use craft sticks to be cheaper). Did you notice the monkey is upside down?  Intriguing isn't it:-)

Last week my class did the last story in our anthology:  Frog and Toad.  This little guy is a part of my "Let's Get Hoppin' With Frogs and Toads" unit that is available in my Tpt store.  Check it out!  Splatter painting the body is sooo fun!  By the way, my buddy made tan ones for toads...soooo cute!