Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Popcorn Party!!

WHAT!  It's November??  How did that happen?  Check out my new little goody on tpt.  It's a popcorn unit:-)  I love doing this the week before Thanksgiving break.  I pulled out my date book today and realized that is next week!

I love the popcorn graphics.  Who knew popcorn could be so cute??  My favorite part of the packet is the colorful popcorn box rhyming craftivity.  

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Daily 5 and CAFE??  How did I ever teach without it??  We had a visitor from the School Board and she was crazy about it as well.  She wrote notes as fast I could talk to explain the awesomeness of the whole thing:-)  I'm hoping my team can inspire other grade levels to jump on the D5/CAFE train.

Speaking of love....CGI!!  Holy Cow!  Amazing!!  I adore listening to my kiddos explain their thinking into the microphone while they demo under the doc cam.  It's breathtaking!  I have a November packet of CGI word problems available in my store.  Check it out!  

I'm trying something else new this year.  Our AP showed us a web site we can use to have parents sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences.  Soooo cooooool!  I put the schedule in, send home a letter to the struggling/at-risk kiddos, parents use the code from the letter to access the schedule online and sign up for the spot they want.  Hooray!!  No phone calls!  No notes back and forth!!  I will post the web address after I get mine up and going and make sure it is as easy to use as I think it is going to be:-)  


  1. Oooh - I'm curious about the P/T Conferences site!!! Our school is trying to figure out an easier process!
    Growing Firsties is having a Pete the Cat Giveaway soon!

  2. I put the link in my latest post:-)