Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Linky by Farley!

So I just found Farley yesterday and she is hilarious!  I love her profile picture!  She has two linkys going but I am not a mustache fan (didn't know there was such a thing), so I am joining in on the "Currently" linky.  Here's my currentlys (ies??)...

1.  I love Pandora!  I play it while I'm working on the puter and the puter and I do a little dancing!  It's a pick me up fooooor sure!
2. My baby girl is in Ecuador working with little kiddos in the markets.  I am living vicariously through her texts!  Thank goodness for texting!
3.& 4.  No explanation needed.  I hate going to the store!
5. I really need a computer upgrade!  I hate waiting....and waiting...and waiting...for internet to catch up with me!
6. B2s must haves-Wow!  So many things needed before school starts.  Gotta get in the classroom this week and take a peek around and make a plan for a new layout.

Head over to Farley's site and join in on the linky!  See you around!  Oh'Boy 4th Grade

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