Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little This...A Little That

We are heading into the end of January!  WHAT!!  How is that possible!

I sent Progress Reports home last week.  I got all of my DIBELS assessments done!!  Can I get a whoop-whoop!!

It's all about penguins in my class this week.  Wednesday is Tacky Day!  WHAAAAAAT'S HAPPENING!  Ha!  I love that penguin!!  I'm so sad that I have to go to a CCSS training that day and have to miss the FUN with my kiddos:-(.  Pity party.  Boohoo!

I do artsy crafty things on Thursday afternoon and Thursday at lunch I was still thinking about what I wanted to do.  Then I remembered the totally cute symmetry penguin I saw on Pinterest a couple of nights before.  OH YEAH!  I whipped out the black and orange paint, cut some paper and we were in business.  I simplified the process and the look a bit from what I saw on Pinterest.  Here's some samples of these little cuties.

Little Dudes

Little Gals

And for the creative ones...Macaroni Penguins!
Click here to see the original article about these little cuties

I watched Mary Poppins with my little girl (she's 22) today!  OMG...such a great movie!  I may have to show it to my class the next time they earn a popcorn party! earn a popcorn party my kiddos have to build two Mr. Potato Heads.  They earn parts by getting good reports from their pullout classes (PE, computers, library, lunch).  My class LOVES this!  At our Winter holiday party some little siblings came into our class and without knowing the importance of Mr. Potato Head, they started playing with him.  Holy Cow!!!  It was just disastrous!  I had to reassure the class that we would put all of the pieces back on the potato and I wouldn't make them start over!  Hahahaha!  I forgot all about it but when I came in to school the next morning, I noticed that Mr. Potato Head had been put back just as he had been before all the terror the day before!  Hilarious!  Kids take these reward things very seriously!!

I got this idea from 2nd Grade Rocks on Pinterest <3.
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Off to work on some new products for TPT!  Hope you will stop by my little store and have a look:-)


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