Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year blog friends! I'm having such a great break that I haven't taken the time to do any blogging.  I didn't work on any new products until yesterday:-)  But now...I'm on a roll!  I finished my January Spectacular Sentences, and redid my Washington/Lincoln Expository Writing packet as well as the Valentine stuff I made last year.  Check them out!  

This first little sweetie will get your students to write sentences that dazzle!  The packet I made for December asked students to add "where" to their sentences.  This packet asks students to add adjectives!  That what makes the difference between good writing and great writing in my book!  

And moving right's the link up to my "Mad About Math" Valentines Day packet. Woohoo!

Whaaaat you say???  There's more???

Yes indeedy!  Language Arts Valentines Day packet<3

And did I mention I revamped my Expository Writing with Lincoln and Washington Writing Activity Pack? 

I gotta go back to work and get some rest!  But first, I need to finish my January Word Problems packet.  I'll get it up later today or tomorrow.  It's awesome for CGI!  My class loves doing these fun word problems.  Just before the break I gave them a tough division word problem from my December packet and one of my kiddos got out of his seat and came up to me and said, "Mrs. Thelen, that was really fun!  I had to think a lot!" Learning, being challenged, and having fun...what a concept!  


  1. Hi Deana,
    Wow, you have been busy! I was wondering if you had your CGI word problems done. I was checking to see. I haven't done any lately, so I need to get busy. I would love to check out your other packets too sometime soon.
    Thanks, Jackie

  2. Your blog is adorable and I love your TpT store. I am your latest follower, and I can't wait to see what's next!

  3. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for stopping by!