Saturday, February 23, 2013

Word Problems

The CC Math Standards state that first graders represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction.  That's what's happening in my classroom with my themed word problem units and I LOVE it!  Here's a peek at a couple of the pages we worked on for February...

I was lucky enough to get CGI Math training from my district.  I am sooooo glad and so are my kiddos!  I am amazed every time we do it!  Here's why:
1.  Kids are totally engaged
2. Kids interact
3. Higher level thinking  (yes!)
4. My kids learn to explain their thinking and share their ideas in front of the class using the doc. cam and microphone.  Cute as can be!!
5. If someone is stuck, they get up and walk around to see what others are doing
6.  It's magical to watch them manipulate math tools

I had some math manipulatives but I wrote a grant to purchase more.  Each table gets to choose from a variety of tools to use to solve problems.

You can check out my February word problem packet at my tpt store.


  1. Hi Deana,

    Several years ago, our district introduced CGI to us. Many of the teachers had over 3 years of ongoing training. We continue to have periodic refresher workshops. I agree. It's amazing what a difference it makes in children's problem solving abilities.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  2. I'm surprised how behind we are with CGI!