Sunday, May 5, 2013

Catching Up to Do!

Holy Cow!  Where have I been???  Let's just say I've been livin' life!  My daughter got engaged about a month ago.  Whoopy!!!  The wedding is August 2nd.  Yes...August 2nd as in three months from now!  AAAAAAAaaa!  We are busy girls getting this blessed matrimony together.  It is a blast!  My family loves our future son-in-law to pieces so we are very lucky.  

So way back in April, I was doing some CGI from my spring CGI packet and I was rejoicing at the fabulous, awesome, amazing brilliance of my little guys.  Here's a pic of one of the problems and how my sweet guy figured out the answer.

I just introduced multiplication a few weeks before and obviously this guy has it down!  I think it is so cute that he drew little circles at the top of each column to represent each bag.  Sometimes when we do CGI I just want to dance down the aisles! 

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week!  I don't know who the brain was behind creating a week for teachers but I'm sure happy about it!  Our awesome PTA provided treats in the lounge every day.  Not just a was a massive snackfest!  I'm a little scared to get on the scale at Weight Watchers tomorrow!  One of my parents decorated our classroom door.  It was a definite home run!  That's my kiddos little faces on the baseballs.  

On one of the days, our Principal and AP visited each classroom with a coffee cart and served us!  That was awesome!  I had hot chocolate and a donut hole thank you:-).  My kiddos were a little jealous so I told them after they go to college for 6+ years and become a teacher they can have hot chocolate in front of their class too!

Oops!  I'm out of order.  Oh well.  Here's a little Earth Day activity we did in addition to my Earth Day packet.  Each kiddo created an Earth Day poster as a part of their homework for the week.  I broke them up into small group using the Rick Morris cards, and they shared within their groups.  I loved seeing the pride they showed in their work and the thoughtful remarks they had for each other.  Here's a pic.

This little missy is totally pointing out everything on her poster and explaining what she did.  She is VERY  verbal (which comes in handy when sharing but not at other times).

I almost forgot to share this fab giveaway!  Wendy from First Grade Fireworks is having a celebration for her 50th bday!  Happy Birthday to Wendy!  Head over to her blog and enter the giveaway. I donated my Hawaiian Luau packet.

My hubby is vacuuming right now;-)  Life is good!

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