Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Daily 5

Holy Cow!  Made a little chango to D5 today.  Yikes!  I have introduced and practiced doing "read to self", "work on writing", and "word work".  I tried "read with someone" and my class was sooo not ready for that! Anyway, today I had my 31 kiddos divided up into three groups.  I showed them where to put their clip on the choices cards (not a choice yet).  Then we went to work.  AWESOME!  They got down to business!  The trouble arose in the transition when it was time to move clips.  I'm thinking a magnet board would be easier and I think I saw that on Pinterest.  We'll see how tomorrow goes:-)  For now, I'm a happy camper:-)  And did I mention how much I LOVE the CAFE????  Woohoo!  My team is totally digging it as is our new principal.  She visited one of my team mates today and had the pleasure of having a first grader explain "check for understanding" to her while holding her big ol' plastic check mark:-)  Wowee!

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