Monday, August 4, 2014


Farley over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade! is hosting an August "currently" linky.  See mine below and go visit Farley to join in!  
First, listening to my hubby play piano is a bit of a hoot.  I survived my kids flutes, cellos, trumpets...just to move onto "Hot Cross Buns" by my hubby on the piano!  I like to play "Name That Tune" when he practices.  Honestly, in the beginning I used to go into our bedroom and watch my soaps while he practiced.  It was brutal!  
I'm loving summer.  I love the smell of chlorine and Coppertone sunscreen.  That's how I know it's summer!  It's aromatherapy:-)
I'm thinking about discipline...geez...get over it and enjoy the summer.  Why can't teachers just turn it off??  I'm a little excited about not having a clipchart and am already figuring what activities I can drop the first week to have time to spend setting standards of behavior and practicing these behaviors.  Will I fall back to "Move your clip down!".  Wait and see:-)
Wanting to be in the pool...self explanatory!
So this year first grade teachers asked PTA to gift us individual CD players for kiddos to use during Listen to Someone Read.  They suggested Mp3 players.  Can't wait to give it a try!  I need to get all of my books on CD transferred to the Mp3 players.  I also got a little gizmo that is supposed to transfer my oldie cassette tapes as well.  I keep putting this job off.
I think my first day back is Aug. 25th but who am I kidding...I'll be back at least the week before.  

It's almost 2pm and I'm still in PJs.  Did I mention I love summer???  


  1. Hey there - I know what you mean - It's so hard to turn off the thinking about school! Hope you get a few pool days in before the summer ends!
    BigTime Literacy

  2. I feel like I have not had a summer at all as a result of not being able to turn it off…oh well. Next week my teacher friends and I road trip and the rule is no shop talk until the ride back home :) Enjoy the rest! I need to go to the pool today as well…
    Windows Into My Classroom

  3. There have been many days this summer I've stayed in my pjs until the last possible moment...5:30 pm when I go workout! LOL!
    Enjoy your summer! :)