Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer School Stuff

Here's a few of the art projects I did with my summer school classes this year.  Summer school in our district is enrichment.  My class was "Authors, Art, and Arithmetic".  I had 1st-3rd graders combined in four different periods. I read stories and poems everyday and then completed a writing or art project.  I also did word problems that fit in with the theme of the book.  

This project went along with a book about the beach.  I can't remember what the title was.  We painted the sun and used colored pencils on the rays.  Warm colors only!

"The Little Scarecrow Boy" is a cute story about a little scarecrow trying to learn to be scary.  Here's the drawing we did with that book. 

I loved this project that went along with "Rainbow Fish". 
We used warm color on the fish and cool colors for the background.  

We had summer school on July 3rd so that called for a patriotic project...or two. I got both ideas from Pinterest.  For the first one I gave kiddos a choice of three patriotic songs already printed on cardstock.  They used warm colors to draw designs then did a wash with blue and red for the flag.  They look waaaay better in person.  I will be doing this project in my regular class this year too.  

I also got this eagle project from Pinterest.  My first graders usually cry when they have to tear paper for a project but these kiddos were going into 2nd grade and handled it just fine!

This project went along with "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More". Another idea from Pinterest.  Pinterest totally saved by behind this summer!

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