Saturday, March 17, 2012

Open House is done!  Parents were were happy....teacher is happy!  I will post more pictures of my displays later but here is one.  By the way, my theme was Dr. Seuss. 
We did directed draw umbrellas.  Kiddos had to choose complimentary colors from the color wheel.  We used crayon and watercolors.  Below is a brief bit from "The Cat in the Hat" to tie the umbrella project to the rainy day.

Here's a pic of the portfolios I made for student art and writing that I have collected during the year.  I keep it all year and the last week of school parents have a great collection of first grade work all in one place.  The portfolio is made from butcher paper.  They look really colorful on the desks for Open House and parents love seeing their kids progress from September. 

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