Saturday, March 17, 2012

Open House Stuff

This wall has the Cat in the Hat directed draw along with a writing about what kids would do if the Cat in the Hat visited their house.  Surprisingly, most of them did not write about the Cat making a mess. 

Did you notice how straight and even everything is hanging?  Soon I will be selling a tool my husband made for quickly and easily hanging bulletin boards straight and even!  You will love it!  It will be available in my TpT store soon! 

In keeping with the Dr. Seuss theme, I had kiddos bring in their favorite hats.  They wrote a description about their hat.  If you are interested in the paragraph frame I used, you can leave me a message.  It was available in my Suessy packet on TpT but I had to pull it from the store. 


  1. Wow! you have definitely got my attention! I'll be waiting to see what the "tool" is!!! :-)

    First Grade Delight

  2. Hoping to have the tool up for sale this week! You will love it!